A Guide to Finding the Perfect Cat Carrier

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Cat Carrier

As cute and cuddly as they are, it is important to remember that cats need a lot of care and commitment.  Although they aren’t as needy as dogs, if you decide to get a cat for a pet you need to be prepared to provide them their basic needs and a few extras in between.

There is a difference between being a pet owner and a pet lover and if you identify with the latter you will agree that your pets deserve the best.

One of the most important accessories that a cat lover should invest in is a cat carrier. There are a lot of choices available and it can be overwhelming, but we will help you find the best cat carrier that will suit you and your cat’s needs.

Here are a few helpful details you might want to consider when shopping for a cat carrier:

Size Matters

When it comes to cat carriers finding the right size for your cat is very important. This will have a big impact on how they will adjust to being carried or just being inside of the carrier.

Not Too Big. 

It may seem like a good idea to buy a huge cat carrier to give you cat a lot of space, but this shouldn’t be the case. It is comforting for a cat to have something pressed against their backs, so a carrier that is too large might stress them out.

Plus, if a carrier is too big they will move around too much when you carry them which can also be a stressful experience.

Not Too Small.

On the other hand, putting an adult cat inside a carrier meant for a kitten is also a bad idea. A carrier that is too small will not be comfortable and will not have proper ventilation. So stay clear from carriers that are too small.

The Right Size.

To make it easier, just remember that the best carrier size is one and a half times bigger than your cat. This gives them the perfect amount of room to stand, turn around, and stretch without being too cramped.

Two Cats in One Carrier.

This is a bad idea. Never put two cats in one carrier as this is stressful, especially if you are traveling for more than a few hours.

Getting Your Cat Inside the Carrier

Now that you know the importance of size when it comes to carriers, another challenge is at hand. Cats do not like to be manhandled and casually stuffing them inside a carrier will most likely end in injury on your part.

To enhance their carrier experience to make it easier for you to put them inside, here are a few useful techniques you can use:

Makeshift Carriers Don’t Work. 

Using a laundry basket or a box as a carrier replacement is a bad idea. This is dangerous and stressful for your cat.

Introduce the Carrier Early

Curious cats will approach the carrier. By desensitizing the carrier you are allowing your kitty to get used to it and they will be more comfortable with getting inside the carrier because it will no longer pose as a threat.

Proper Cleaning. 

Reusing a carrier without cleaning it can be disastrous. A cat can smell his or her bad experiences inside the carrier if it is not scrubbed and rinsed with hot water.

However, take note when cleaning; make sure to avoid harsh chemicals as these do not smell good to a cat.

Use Scent. 

To help your cat get used to the carrier, try putting some catnip or spraying some pheromones inside the carrier. This will make the carrier attractive to your kitty.

Try the Blanket Method.

If you have tried different ways to get your cat adjusted to being inside the carrier but they have not worked, this method will help. Place your cat inside a blanket and gently lower them inside the carrier.

This will give them comfort and reduce their stress levels while allowing you to safely place them inside the carrier.

There are a lot of methods you can use to safely get your kitty inside their cat carrier when it’s time for a trip. Just keep their comfort in mind and do what you can to lessen the stress and trauma.

With a few good carrier experiences your cat will no longer put up a fight each time they need to get inside of one.





  Pawfect Pets Pet Travel Carrier  $$$  4.5/5
SportPet Designs Collapsible Travel Cat Carrier  $$  4.6/5
  Pet Fit for Life Collapsible Cat Bed/ House/ Carrier  $$$  4.4/5
   Jet Sitter Luxury Soft Sided Pet Carrier  $$$  4.4/5
  Next Level Pet Soft Sided Carrier  $$$  4.9/5
   Necoichi Portable Ultra Light Cat Carrier  $  4.3/5
   Airline Cat Carrier Under Seat Travel Bag by Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co.  $  4.5/5
  Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier  $$  4.6/5
   Fypo Pet Cat Puppy Expandable Carrier Crate  $$  4.6/5
   Jespet 16″ Neon Green Expandable Airline Approved Foldable Pet Travel Soft-Sided Carrier  $$  4.6/5

Top 5 Best Cat Carriers in the Market

Learning about the different carrier sizes and the techniques to apply when using them means you are ready to start looking for a cat carrier for your beloved feline friend. If you’re at a loss on where to start because there are so many to choose from, don’t worry as here are a few great suggestions to look into:

Pawfect Pets Pet Travel Carrier

All pet lovers know how challenging it can be to travel with your pet. It can be a traumatizing experience for both the pet owner and doubly so for the pet. Traveling by plane makes it even more stressful because a lot of pet carriers need to be checked in.

This means your cat will join the rest of the cargo and may be exposed to a lot of heat, unfamiliar noises, and unfamiliar smells. This is an option many cat lovers do not want and they would rather leave their furry companion at home.

Thankfully there is such a thing like the Pawfect Pets Pet Travel Carrier which we will discuss in this short review.


  • Works for cats and small dogs
  • Dimensions: 17.5”L x 10”W x 11”H
  • Largest carrier accepted by most major airlines
  • Fits perfectly under airplane seats
  • Perfect travel environment for cats
  • Upgraded and reinforced for added durability
  • Mesh material on top with claw-defense
  • Has great airflow and ventilation
  • Does not easily tear
  • Fitted with mini buckles for additional safety
  • 3 easy access openings
  • Washable fleece pet mats
  • “If your pet doesn’t fit, or they can’t travel under your seat” equals a full refund


  • Accepted by most major airlines
  • Dependable and durable
  • Perfect travel buddy for pet lovers
  • Can be used for travel and vet visits
  • Worry-free pet transport
  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Stores and washes easily
  • Well-ventilated and spacious enough
  • Scratch-resistant material
  • Makes traveling with cats easy and comfortable


  • Cannot fit large cats
  • Measuring of pet is recommended before purchase
  • Zippers are prone to breaking or opening
  • Cats can easily slip out of an opened zipper
  • Airlines may change their pet carrier rules


The Pawfect Pets Pet Travel Carrier is a great cat carrier option for pet lovers who want to travel with their feline friends. You can rest easy knowing your cat is near you while you are flying through the skies.

SportPet Designs Collapsible Travel Cat Carrier

The only way for your cat to travel safely, even for just short distances like a visit to the vet, is by using a cat carrier. This will allow you to transport your beloved cat from one place to another without putting too much stress on them.

A good cat carrier will serve as a temporary safe space for your kitty while you’re on the go, which is why it comes highly recommended by experts and cat lovers alike.

For this short review we will discover the features, pros, and cons of the SportPet Designs Collapsible Travel Cat Carrier to help you determine if this is the best cat carrier for your kitty.


  • Easy to open wide side door
  • Cats are comfortable and confident in and around this carrier
  • Shuts close smoothly and securely
  • Made with an impact-resistant polypropylene
  • Durable and sturdy material
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Folds and stores easily when not in use
  • A safe place for cats
  • High-quality product
  • Provides great ventilation
  • Very affordable and convenient to use


  • Makes transporting cats easier
  • Collapsible makes storage easy
  • Wide doors make putting cats inside less stressful
  • Lock snaps and secures carrier
  • Light and compact
  • Can be used as a rest spot for cats at home
  • Easily cleans after each use
  • Triangle form makes it very stable and sturdy
  • A great safe space for cats while traveling
  • No flips or falls when using this carrier


  • Made with plastic
  • Prone to cracks and breakages
  • Lock gets damaged when too much force is applied
  • Cats can learn how to open the carrier and escape
  • Folding and collapsing the carrier is challenging for some


If you are simply looking for a small, safe, and affordable carrier for short trips, the SportPet Designs Collapsible Travel Cat Carrier is a great option. It may not be a good option for long road trips or plane rides, but it will be a good carrier for trips to the vet.

Pet Fit for Life Collapsible Cat Bed/ House/ Carrier

It is not uncommon to find pet owners who love to spoil their feline companions with accessories. Since pets are often considered as part of the family it is only normal to want the best things for them.

However the limitation of the uses of a cat carrier can make a cat owner put off buying one and going for accessories that have more daily uses than a carrier. If you’ve been weighing between getting a carrier or a cat bed you’re in luck.

This review will cover the Pet Fit for Life Collapsible Cat Bed/ House/ Carrier which is a multi-functional cat carrier that you and your cat will surely appreciate.


  • Redesigned to accommodate customer feedback
  • Includes seat belt straps, carrying straps, and ground stakes
  • Comes with a portable litter box and collapsible bowl
  • Works as a carrier, house, and bed
  • Multi-functional and collapsible
  • Great for long road trips
  • Made with nylon fabric and a bendable steel frame for added durability
  • Built and designed to last
  • Keeps cats warm and comfortable
  • Spacious with a smooth floor pad made of velvet
  • Comes with 2 windows and a front door
  • Comes with an additional feathered cat wand


  • Makes cat transport a breeze
  • Multi-purpose allows different uses
  • Large size makes it the perfect cat house
  • Road trips with a cat are possible minus the stress
  • Serves as a bed and hiding spot for cats
  • Portable litter box and bowl makes travel easy to do
  • Endless features and uses
  • Comes with a cat want, the perfect toy and lure


  • Not meant for airline travel
  • Bottom not sturdy enough for carrying
  • Cat may flip and move too much when carried
  • Lacks how to use instructions
  • Collapsing the pet tent is challenging for some users


If you love multi-purpose items the Pet Fit for Life Collapsible Cat Bed/ House/ Carrier will be the best cat carrier for you. You will love how it functions as more than just a carrier. Plus, using it as a home will make your kitty comfortable being inside the carrier.

Jet Sitter Luxury Soft Sided Pet Carrier

When traveling with a pet cat, every owner’s main priority is their comfort and safety. Whether it’s for a long car ride, a trip to the vet or a plane ride transporting a cat is stressful for everyone involved.

As the person responsible for your cat you should do your best to give them the comfort and safe space they require.

You can do this by getting a cat carrier like the Jet Sitter Luxury Soft Sided Pet Carrier. Learn more about the unique features, pros, and cons this luxurious cat carrier offers.


  • Large carrier size, holds up to 20 pounds
  • Collapsible top allows accommodation on flights
  • Comfortable and roomy
  • Uses an improved 600D Polyester exterior with mesh netting
  • Includes an interior leash with a metal clip
  • Seat belt buckles, rubber feet, and removable crossbars are added safety features
  • Sides expands for extra room
  • Easily folds and stores
  • Padded should strap and Velcro hand grip for owner comfort
  • Washable fabric fleece cover makes cleanup fast and easy
  • 1-year warranty is available


  • Works as a cat bed
  • Trips to the vet becomes less of a struggle
  • Loved by cats and their owners
  • Soft and comfortable
  • 3 easy to access entrances for faster loading of cat
  • Expands to give more room when used as a cat bed
  • Great for road trips and flights
  • Seatbelt buckle lets the carrier stay in place
  • Secure, durable, lightweight, and breathable
  • Provides a cool and safe place for cats


  • Not airline approved
  • A call to the airline is a must before buying the carrier
  • Mesh material easily rips
  • Cats can escape through tears
  • No bottom support
  • Cats flip and move too much when carried


Get rid of that old, worn out, bulky plastic carrier and trade it in for the Jet Sitter Luxury Soft Sided Pet Carrier. This doubles as a bed and as a carrier making transport easy to do, even for the most stressed out cats.

Next Level Pet Soft Sided Carrier

Cat cages are not a popular travel option anymore because it can be dangerous to check in your cat along with your cargo. Traveling, no matter how short or in what way, can be traumatizing and stressful to cats and you as their owner.

To help your beloved furry feline adjust to the stresses of traveling, buying the right carrier will have a major difference.

Learn more about the Next Level Pet Soft Sided Carrier as your cat carrier option and see if it will be the right choice for your cat.


  • Dimensions: 10.5” x 18” x 11”
  • Carries up to 18 pounds
  • Uses a durable 600D polyester blend
  • Functional and sophisticated
  • Cleanup made simple
  • Light and easy to carry and store
  • Heavy-duty, strong with good ventilation
  • Provides a safe and comfortable place for cats during travel
  • TSA approved
  • Fits under airplane seats
  • Approved by most airlines
  • 3-month warranty from manufacturer
  • Includes:
    • Foldable bag with soft sides
    • Removable and washable fleece bed
    • Padded shoulder strap
    • ID badge
    • Removable leash


  • Heavy-duty
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Reliable product
  • Makes cats feel safe and comfortable during travel
  • Loved by cats and their owners
  • Fits perfectly under airplane seats
  • Accommodated by most major airlines
  • Reduces stress during travel
  • Worry-free, TSA approved cat carrier
  • Compact but very functional
  • Properly ventilated
  • Sturdy and holds its shape even when cat is lifted inside
  • Universally praised for functionality and style


  • Check with your airline if their cat carrier rules have changed
  • Velcro on cushion might get damaged if not cleaned and dried properly


As far as cat carriers go the Next Level Pet Soft Sided Carrier is considered one of the best in the market. It has satisfied almost all of its users and their cats because it is wonderfully made using high-quality materials. This carrier is one of the best options to look into.


Treat your beloved pet cat properly by making sure your travels do not traumatize or stress them out. A cat carrier is a small investment to ensure your cat always feels safe and comfortable, even if you are just bringing them to the vet.

The best cat carrier will depend on your needs and the uses you have in mind, but rest assured there is an affordable pet carrier that will meet all your needs.