Choosing the Perfectly Sized Cat Carrier

Choosing the Perfectly Sized Cat Carrier

Traveling with a pet cat can be stressful, but it can also be fun, especially when you get to enjoy a vacation with every member of the family including those with fur and paws. The best and probably the only way to safely travel with a cat is to have a pet carrier.

This pet accessory is a must have for every cat lover, even those who don’t like to travel, because they can be useful for vet visits. The question to consider is: how big should a cat carrier be?

The truth of the matter when it comes to cat carriers is, size matters and choosing the best cat carrier will depend on what you plan to use the carrier for. By considering its uses you will be able to select the proper carrier size to fit your cat and your travel plans.

Planning on a Flight?

When flying to a destination with your pet cat in tow, the question you should always ask is how big should a cat carrier be, to be allowed inside the cabin? Checking in a pet to fly along with the cargo can be dangerous for your pet, which is why many major airlines allow pets to be a part of their carry-on baggage.

The size of the cat carrier will depend on the airline, but there are certain carriers like the Pawfect Pets Pet Travel Carrier which are allowed by almost all major airlines.

However, aviation laws and rules are always changing. As a precaution, give your airline a call and check with them if your cat carrier meets their carry on requirements.

Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

It may sound silly, but with cat carriers, bigger and more space can sometimes be a bad idea. If you’ve ever looked up cat videos you would have noticed that cats like small spaces.

Cats actually feel more comfortable when they have something against their backs; a carrier that is too big will only increase their stress levels, especially if you are traveling for a longer period of time.

Another reason why bigger isn’t better when it comes to cat carriers is the extra room might toss and turn your kitty when you transport them. A cat carrier that has too much space might cause your cat to move around too much, which they would not appreciate at all.

Don’t Go Too Small

With the notion that cats like small spaces, it may seem like a good idea to get a very small carrier instead. This would not be a good choice because cats need and like to stretch their legs.

Although they like sitting in small spaces, keeping them cramped inside a carrier for hours on end will agitate them and it will not be a comfortable experience for them at all. Plus, stuffing a big kitty inside a small carrier will lessen the ventilation which is not a good way to travel.

What is the Best Cat Carrier Size?

Generally speaking determining how big should a cat carrier be will depend on the size of your cat. As a rule of thumb, purchase a carrier that is one and half times bigger than your cat.

Make sure that the carrier has enough room for him or her to stand and turn around. This will be the ideal size seeing as they won’t be too cramped nor would be too big for them to feel uneasy.

Adding Small Comforts

Making sure that your cat is comfortable inside the cat carrier is the main priority of every cat lover. Traveling can cause a lot of stress and can be traumatizing to any cat.

If you are traveling far make sure to add some toys to keep them occupied and a towel to prevent secretions from sticking to their fur during travel. If you are traveling by car, a food bowl can also be a good addition, especially if you are planning to travel for more than a few hours.

When it comes to cat carriers it is not a one size fits all situation. There are certain limitations to traveling by air, but keeping your cat safe and secure should be your number one concern.

Lastly, never put two cats in one carrier because this can be dangerous and tremendously stressful for them.