Next Level Pet Soft Sided Carrier Review

Next Level Pet Soft Sided Carrier Review

Putting a cat inside a cage for transport isn’t very popular. Nowadays cat owners often go out of their way to ensure their furry companions have a relaxing and even enjoyable traveling experience. Plus, pet traveling is no longer just limited to quick trips to the vet; these trips can include long car rides and even cramped airplane rides.

Most pet lovers today will opt out of checking in their pets, but prefer to keep them near and riding inside the cabin with them. Which means cages and carriers made of bulky plastic material have no room under a seat.

This is why fashionable, lightweight, and collapsible pet carriers are considered as the best traveling carriers for small to medium-sized pets. Having your cat near you will both relax you and your pet as you travel through the skies.

If you are looking for a cat carrier you might find this review of the Next Level Pet Soft Sided Carrier useful. Here you will learn more of this item’s unique features, the different advantages, and disadvantages it offers you as a loving cat owner.


  • Carrier dimensions: 10.5” x 18” x 11”
  • Can carry up to 18 pounds
  • Made using a durable 600D polyester blend
  • Designed for both function and sophistication
  • Simple to clean up
  • Lightweight and handy to carry and store when not used
  • Approved by most airlines
  • Fits under airplane seats perfectly
  • TSA approved carrier
  • Heavy-duty, does not tear easily cat carrier
  • Keeps pets safe and comfortable during travel
  • Strong and good ventilation
  • 3-month manufacturer warranty included
  • Included during purchase:
    • Foldable bag with soft sides
    • Fleece bed which is removable and washable
    • Shoulder strap with padding
    • Badge for ID
    • Removable leash


A common problem with most cat carriers is that they fall apart after just a few uses. This can get very expensive and can be a hassle for many pet owners.

This is why the heavy-duty feature of the Next Level Pet Soft Sided Carrier is one of its biggest advantages. Just by looking at the carrier alone you will know that it is a high-quality material which is proven correct as soon as you touch it.

Both cat owners and their cats simply love the Next Level Pet Soft Sided Carrier because they can make their pet’s flight very comfortable. You will no longer worry about the safety and comfort of your beloved furry friend while flying on a plane because they will be placed right under your seat and not with the cargo.

This will result in a stress-free ride for you and your pet! Plus, this carrier is TSA approved and most major airlines will accept this as your pet carrier so you don’t have to worry about the state of your furry companion anymore.

The compactness of the Next Level Pet Soft Sided Carrier is also a big plus because it doesn’t just make a good plane or car carrier, but it also makes vet visits easier. It is a normal sight for a cat to freak out when they see a heavy and bulky carrier with just one opening and small holes because it can be traumatizing.

However, with this carrier you can leave the bag open until they feel safe entering it and you can zip them up and carry them out the door in seconds.

Despite being made with a mesh material, the Next Level Pet Soft Sided Carrier is actually very sturdy and holds its shape very well, even with your pet nestled inside, which is another huge advantage to consider.


When it comes to cat carriers, the Next Level Pet Soft Sided Carrier is considered as one of the best. This is why there aren’t many complaints about this product for those who have used it.

The problem with cat carriers, especially when you are bringing your pet on a flight, is the ever-changing rules for pet carriers. Although this carrier will do its job very well it is still advised that you call your airline and check to see if this carrier will be allowed in the cabin with you. By doing this you will reduce the chances of not being able to fly with your cat under your seat.

Also note that sometimes the Velcro that attaches to the cushion can be damaged if it is not cleaned and dried properly. Remember to wash the parts accordingly after every use and dry them thoroughly.

This will help in keeping the carrier in good shape for longer.


Going on a long road trip or getting on a plane with your beloved cat is made easier with the help of the Next Level Pet Soft Sided Carrier. This carrier combines comfort, functionality, and style with just one bag and it is guaranteed to make you and your cat happy during the entire trip.