Pet Fit for Life Collapsible Cat Carrier Review

Pet Fit for Life Collapsible Cat Carrier Review

The most common reason why pet parents often forgo the purchase of a carrier is that it is seldom used. Although many cat carriers in the market are collapsible or easy stored, they still take up some space when stored away. This can be an issue for cat lovers who have very limited space.

Not to mention the addition of a scratching post and a litter box can make a small space feel very cramped. More often than not during these cases pet owners often choose the litter box and scratch post over the carrier since the former are needed on a daily basis.

It is a sensible choice to choose the essentials over the carrier, but what if there was a way to have all the essentials and more? Through innovation and creativity multi-purpose cat carriers are starting to become more popular.

To give you a better idea of what these multi-functional pet accessories offer, this review will cover all the features, the pros, and the cons that come with purchasing the Pet Fit for Life Collapsible Cat Carrier. This might allow you to better provide for your pet cat without compromising your living space.


  • Recently redesigned with customer feedback in mind
  • Comes with seat belt straps, carrying straps, and even ground stakes
  • Has a portable litter box and a collapsible bowl
  • Collapsible and multi-functional
  • Works great as a cat carrier, house, and bed
  • Perfect for bringing cats on long road trips
  • Durable, made using nylon fabric and a steel frame that bends
  • Built to last and keeps cats comfortable and warm
  • Spacious with a soft velvet floor pad
  • Has 2 windows and 1 front door
  • Washable and well-ventilated
  • Bonus: feather cat wand included


Cat lovers often end up spoiling their furry companions and it is easy to understand why. Cats are fluffy friends that are a joy to have around the house but can be a hassle to transport.

Which is why a multi-purpose pet accessory like the Pet Fit for Life Collapsible Cat Carrier is considered a must have for many cat owners. One clear benefit of this pet carrier is its size.

Although this carrier isn’t the best for airline travel, it is the best for road trips because it is huge and gives cats more than enough room to walk and stretch.

Of course, the best thing about the Pet Fit for Life Collapsible Cat Carrier is its ability to function as more than just a carrier. This pet carrier can be set up in any part of your home and your cat will love it.

They can use it as a hiding spot or as a bed when they just want to relax. Plus, it comes with its own litter box which makes it even more handy and useful.

If you are planning to go on a road trip with your pet cat this carrier is the best choice because of its many unique features that allow your kitty to travel safely and comfortably, a priority of many cat lovers.

The added bonus of the feather cat wand is also a wonderful plus as it will keep your cat occupied or it can be used to lure them inside the carrier when it’s time to go. Whether you plan on using the carrier as a house, a bed, or as a travel carrier for your cat, the Pet Fit for Life Collapsible Cat Carrier will do an impressive job of functioning as all three.


One of the biggest disadvantages you should take note of before buying the Pet Fit for Life Collapsible Cat Carrier is the material it is made of. Although the nylon material is good enough to serve as a house it can be a problem when you lift it with a big cat inside.

It does not provide a sturdy bottom which means your cat will flip and sway when you carry it. Try putting a sturdy base at the bottom to keep the pet tent from deforming while you carry your cat.

Another struggle of cat owners who have used the Pet Fit For Life Collapsible Cat Carrier in the past is the lack of instruction on how to use and collapse the cat tent. For most this isn’t an issue because they have experienced using similar items.

If you have never used a pet tent it can be a challenge to collapse the tent, but you will eventually master it. It just takes time and patience; before long you won’t think this is an issue at all.


When it comes to a traveling cat house the Pet Fit for Life Collapsible Cat Carrier is the way to go. It gives enough room for your cats to relax and to stretch, plus it comes with all the necessary accessories you’ll need for a trip. What more could you possibly want?