SportPet Designs Collapsible Travel Cat Carrier Review

SportPet Designs Collapsible Travel Cat Carrier Review

Many experts would agree that the best way to travel with a pet cat is with a travel carrier. This is because the darkness and the comfort offered by an enclosed space greatly reduces the stress levels of a cat while they’re on the move.

A travel cat carrier comes in handy not just for flights, but also for transporting a cat to the vet. Which any feline owner knows can be a grueling task that comes with a lot of scratching.

Giving your pet cats the chance to adjust to a cat carrier will also help in transporting them. When they have gotten used to the bag they will most likely be calmer during their travels.

Although you should be wary that if cats hate the vet they will end up running away from you the moment you bring the carrier out.

To allow them a little more comfort while on a plane ride or on a trip to the vet, the least you can do is get a pet carrier that gives them enough space to stretch their legs.

To give you options before buying, here is a review on the SportPet Designs Collapsible Travel Cat Carrier’s different features, advantages, and disadvantages.


  • Wide side-door
  • Opens easily
  • Most cats are comfortable and confident walking inside the carrier
  • Smoothly and securely shuts in place
  • Frame made with impact resistant polypropylene
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Cleans and sanitizes easily
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Simply fold the carrier when you are done
  • Keeps pets safe and happy
  • High-quality and dependable cat carrier
  • Provides great ventilation
  • Convenient and affordable
  • Comes in a gray color with a tan door


A cat owner will attest to how difficult of a challenge it is to put a cat inside of a travel carrier. During the struggle, it is common for the owner to shed a few drops of blood because of the panicky scratches given by stressed cats.

This is why the SportPet Designs Collapsible Travel Cat Carrier’s wide door is such a big advantage over other carriers. The doors that open widely and close with a smooth and secure snap allows cats to get comfortable inside the carrier without the struggle of putting them inside.

The SportPet Designs Collapsible Travel Cat Carrier is also very light and compact so that you can use it at home as a resting spot for your cat. And when it’s time to go, all you need to do is close the carrier door and you’re ready because it is that convenient.

Another challenge to overcome when traveling with your pet cat is the mess afterward. The good thing about the SportPet Designs Collapsible Travel Cat Carrier is that it is a hard case carrier which makes it very easy to sanitize. You can wash it and use other sanitizing agents to get it clean and ready for your cat’s next trip.

Another big advantage of the SportPet Designs Collapsible Travel Cat Carrier is its ability to collapse. The carrier is very handy, especially when you have limited space available at home.

You can simply fold it and then store it under a bed or inside a small closet. When you need it again, just pop it right back into its triangular form and your cat will be good to go.

Finally, the SportPet Designs Collapsible Travel Cat Carrier’s triangle shape makes it very sturdy and stable. This means your cat will be kept safe while inside the carrier and there are no chances for him or her to flip or fall from inside the carrier.


Although many cat owners love using the SportPet Designs Collapsible Travel Cat Carrier, there are a few issues that are worth mentioning. First off, this carrier is made of plastic which means that it can crack or get damaged when too much force is applied.

This is most often seen with the latch or the lock which breaks off when forcefully closed. To avoid product damage, make sure you handle the parts with gentle force to secure your cat inside the carrier.

Another problem with the SportPet Designs Collapsible Travel Cat Carrier is that cats can be too smart for this carrier. It does close, but some cats find a way to escape which can surprise their owners.

If you notice that your cat keeps escaping from their carrier you can try adding locks like a bungee cord to make sure they stay inside at all times. For those who are having trouble folding the carrier, do not force it to collapse as this will result in damaging the product.

It is best to keep the carrier in full form rather than fold it by force and breaking it in the process.


If you want a snazzy and affordable carrier the SportPet Designs Collapsible Travel Cat Carrier is a great choice. It is compact, sturdy, and best of all it is effective in making trips to the vet less of a hassle.