Useful Techniques to Get a Cat Inside a Carrier

Useful Techniques to Get a Cat Inside a Carrier

As many cat owners know it is a big challenge to get a cat inside a carrier and out the door. Unlike dogs that are usually docile and are easily placed inside a carrier, a cat will put up a fight and leave you with scratches when you attempt to put them in an enclosed space.

This will get more complicated the more you do this as cats will associate the carrier with the vet, which they most likely do not like to visit. Making yourself familiar with learning how to get a cat in a carrier will make this task easier and less stressful for you and your pet.

Here are a few useful techniques to make your next trip with your cat go smoother.

Use the Right Carrier

The first mistake many pet owners make with their cats is using a makeshift carrier. Substituting an actual pet carrier with a box or a laundry basket can be dangerous and stressful for your cat.

The big advantage of a good carrier is the door; this will help keep your cat safe and stop them from jumping out inside the car and distract you.

A cat carrier made with a breathable material and has a top door is your best choice. This makes getting the cat inside easier through the wide top opening and they can breathe easier with the mesh material.

This allows them to calm down during the drive and be more relaxed when you arrive at your destination.

Desensitizing the Carrier

One great technique to use is to desensitize your cat around the carrier. You can do this by leaving out the carrier a few days before your trip.

Since cats are naturally curious they will explore the carrier and become more familiar with it and it will become less of a threat to them. You can make the carrier more welcoming by putting their favorite toys and treats inside to let them know it is a safe place for them.

Adding a familiar smelling towel will also encourage your cat to come near the carrier and they will quickly adjust to the area, making how to get a cat in a carrier a breeze for future trips.

Make Scent Your Friend

Cats have a highly developed sense of smell and you can use this to your advantage. Before you use the carrier again, make sure to sanitize by scrubbing it well and rinsing it with hot water.

Make sure that you do not use any cleaning products on the carrier as cats are very sensitive to odors and these do not smell good to them.

You can add some catnip or spray some pheromones in the carrier as well. This will calm your cat down and make the carrier smell comfortable, if not attractive.

How to Safely Put Your Cat Inside

Sometimes you really have to do the hard work which means putting your cat inside the carrier yourself. Here are some good, how to get a cat in a carrier, safety tips you should try:

  • Put a towel your cat has recently used inside the carrier in case of any accidents during your trip.
  • Pick your cat up with one hand holding his back feet and the other on his or her chest.
  • Lower them backward so they see where they are going.
  • If they still struggle when you do this, put them inside a small blanket when you lower them and set them free once they are inside of the carrier.
  • Try to avoid feeding your cat at least an hour before the trip to lessen accidents and travel sickness.
  • Cover the carrier with a thin blanket or a pillow case to give them a nice, comfortable, and dark resting spot.
  • However, if it is too hot and humid, skip the cover as it can restrict airflow and increase the temperature inside the carrier.
  • Keep trips short and give them a treat afterward to lessen the stress of travel.

These are some useful tips and techniques you can apply to help your cat have a better experience with their cat carrier. Easy does it when it comes to transporting your pets.

Make sure they are always comfortable and feel safe when you travel as a bad experience can severely traumatize your cat.